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Average Calculator:

In the past, people used to calculate the Average manually using people doing it in their mind. Then with the invention of papers these calculations were done in the paper using pen or pencil.

As the technology was developing, the calculating methods also changed.  In the mid 1960s the calculator came into existence which replaced all the conventional methods of calculating the Average.

And in the recent times, the Average Calculator has evolved digitally. There are a million websites which can help you in calculating the Average of the numbers. Just enter the number in the given box and press calculate. The answer is in your screens immediately.

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What is an average?

By this time after reading the topic, most of you would have said the answer very easily.

Average is a Average of few numbers !!!

Oops! I know the word average is very tricky. It has a meaning in the name itself. Many people use this word in many meanings. For example, A teacher may mark his student average. The content of movie may be rated as a Average by the critics.

But here in this post we are going to see what is the meaning of Average in mathematics. Actually Average is a number which represents the symbolic representation and weight age of the numbers in a group.

Sum = Total value of the numbers Added together

Number = Total Numbers which is added together

To calculate the Average of few numbers, we have to simply add all the given numbers and divide by the number of values added together.



The total number in the above example is 5 and the total sum of these numbers is 85.

The Average of this 5 numbers is 85 divided by 5 which is equal to 17.

So we can tell that the Average of these numbers is 17.

Now I guess you could have by now understood the meaning of Average in mathematics.

Average History:

Average is also known by the name Arithmetic Mean.  This method of finding the Average was used in the past using the Average calculator. This Average calculator was used for measuring the error percentage in sixteenth century.

The Average Calculator was used in writing the astronomy during the old days. Earlier the Mid range was used in the place of Average. But since the inception of Average as a mean of calculation, the Mid range concepts got vanished.

It is also used int eh metallurgy and navigation fields. In shipping during the older days, Average was used to predict the climatic change and the risk exposure.

Initially the insurance companies also was using this Average to calculate the Average risk taken every time they insure a ship or goods according to its risk nature.

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